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When you own a vintage guitar or any guitar worth some money, it is a good idea to have it covered under insurance in the unlikely event that something happens to it. One of the first steps needed to insure your guitar is to acquire an appraisal, but you want to make sure your guitar is appraised appropriately by a professional. At Joe’s Vintage Guitars, we have become a top-rated guitar insurance appraisal company all over the United States! Joe has been interested in vintage guitars since he was a boy and has spent large amounts of time studying and learning about what makes certain guitar brands unique. With his extensive knowledge and years of experience, you can trust that he will provide you with an accurate and fair appraisal so that your insurance company covers everything it should.

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Protect Your Guitar Or Guitar Collection With Our Insurance-Compliant Appraisals

You can’t put a price on your collection of vintage instruments or on an heirloom guitar, but insurance companies demand an accurate appraisal backed by the expertise of a professional when you go to insure your instruments. I can officially appraise your instrument, and provide professional documentation that will satisfy an insurance company’s requirements.

My process is simple and extremely accurate. No matter where you live in the United States, I can provide an appraisal for you. My appraisals are accepted by large and small insurance companies alike. Whether you have a Fender, D’Angelico, Guild, Martin, Rickenbacker, or Gibson, I have you covered with my professional insurance appraisal and necessary documentation. Contact me today to schedule an appraisal and start your journey towards protection.

Protect Your Guitars With Our Insurance-Compliant Appraisals

Guitar Appraisals Suitable For Insurance Companies Including:

Our appraisals work for most insurance companies including Allstate, Farmers, State Farm, Geico, Liberty Mutual and more!



With a deep understanding of your guitar’s market value and condition, I ensure that you will receive reliable assessments for your insurance coverage through Allstate.

Farmers Insurance


My guitar appraisals are well-suited for insurance companies, including Farmers Insurance, as they are conducted with precision and attention to detail to provide thorough valuations.

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual

Clients can trust my expertise to provide the necessary documentation for insurance coverage purposes, meeting the standards of Liberty Mutual and ensuring their valuable guitars are adequately protected.


Geico & More

My guitar appraisals are highly compatible with various insurance companies, including Geico and others, as they are conducted meticulously and adhere to industry standards for valuation accuracy.

Our Clients’ Testimonials

5-Star Rated Vintage Guitar Buyer And Appraisal Expert Near You

Joe came to my home and helped me with an appraisal. Instead of just giving me a number, he helped me understand why my guitar had the value that it had. Super helpful. Thanks!

Marge T. ★★★★★

Joe was very kind to me and made sure I understood everything about my brother’s guitar collection. He paid me more than 4 other guitar shops offered. He surprised us by singing one of my brother’s favorite old songs while playing his old guitar.

Nancy W. ★★★★★

Friendly, responded quickly, prices seem to be best around. Best of all a set up means you get a setup, not just a big box guitar retail shop raising your action and saying the buzz is gone. Solved an immediate problem I had with a LP kit build where one PUP and the middle did not work. Solved on spot in 15 mins. Completed set up in two days. Now I have the weekend to play with my new creation. Will definitely be back again!!”

Chirs T. ★★★★★

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Accurate Insurance Appraisals From Anywhere Within The States

Whether you have one valuable guitar or a whole collection, I have the knowledge and experience to provide an accurate appraisal! The process is quick and simple for you ensuring you have what is necessary to get your guitar(s) covered as soon as possible. I am located in Mesa, Arizona, but appraise guitars all over the United States! I am often on the road in other states so contact me to see if I’ll be in an area near you where I can appraise your collection in person! My passion is in vintage guitars and I look forward to seeing what you have and helping you towards protecting your treasure.

The cost of an official appraisal with documentation for insurance purposes is $89. Appraisals are typically ready within 24 hours! Easy! $89 covers up to 4 guitars. Discounts are available for multiple guitars. Appraisals are guaranteed to be acceptable for your provider or your money back. Reach out via phone, text or email if you need such an appraisal for your home insurance or any other insurance policy.

Professional Guitar Collection Appraisals For Insurance

Guitar Appraisals For Vintage & Classic Guitar Brands

Guitar Appraisals For Vintage And Classic Fender Guitars


With a deep understanding of Fender’s diverse product range and historical significance, I provide comprehensive valuations that cater specifically to Fender collectors.

Guitar Appraisals For Vintage And Classic Gibson Guitars


If you have a Gibson guitar, I provide appraisals taking into account the history, model, and any other details you may offer. Gibson guitars are iconic and I will ensure accuracy.

Guitar Appraisals For Vintage And Classic Martin Guitars


With years of experience, I have a deep understanding of the Martin’s legendary craftsmanship and acoustic guitar legacy. I will provide you with professional documentation for your insurance!

Guitar Appraisals For Vintage And Classic Guild Guitars


Your Guild guitar is in good hands as I meticulously inspect it. The guilds have a special place in the guitar market and I will ensure they are appraised as they deserve.

Guitar Appraisals For Vintage And Classic Rickenbacker Guitars


With a rich history and beautiful design, Rickenbackers require special attention when a valuation is being created for them. I ensure the attention they need with my appraisals.

Guitar Appraisals For Vintage And Classic D'Angelico Guitars

D’Angelico & More

I specialize in delivering expert guitar appraisals for D’Angelico guitars and more vintage brands. I provide precise valuations tailored to D’Angelico and other guitar model collectors.

Appraised Vintage Guitars & Guitar Collections For Insurance Purposes

  • Fender Stratocaster 1966 – Lake Placid Blue

  • Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series Model 4104 50-Watt Master Volume 2×12 Combo 1980s – Black

  • RARE! Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul 2017 – Crimson Sunset 25 MADE!

  • Gibson Custom Shop Firebird V 2000s – Cardinal Red

  • Gibson TG-1 1930s – Sunburst

  • Rare Limited Edition Epiphone Custom Shop Firebird Black

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Meet Vintage Guitar Expert, Joe Dampt

Professional Technician With Over 3k Restores Personally Performed

Hey there! My name is Joe Dampt and I love old music and old guitars!

​I fell in love with the guitar as a youngster while listening to old music from the 50s and 60s. From then on, music has been my life, and I’ve sacrificed and worked hard to make music and musical instruments my livelihood. I love old guitars and musical instruments, but I love the MUSIC even more. I believe that guitars don’t do us any good if they just sit in a case. These beauties are meant to be played!

​I’ve performed in many local bands and my favorite styles to play are classic country/western music, swing & dance music, and classic rock & roll.

Protect Your Musical Instruments With Homeowners Insurance

What You Should Know About Insurance For Musical Instruments

Secure Additional Coverage For Your Musical Instruments

Secure Additional Coverage For
Your Musical Instruments

Insurance can cover many things for your musical instruments. Ask about coverage for accessories and equipment like cases and amplifiers, or coverage for damage or loss during travel!

Musical Instrument Insurance

What Does Musical Instrument Insurance Protect Me For?

This type of insurance protects against various risks, including theft, damage, loss, and accidents that may occur. It can also provide coverage for replacements, and even liability protection if your instrument causes injury.

General Categories Of Musical Instruments Insured

General Categories Of Musical
Instruments Insured

A wide range of instruments can be insured such as pianos, guitars, violins, brass instruments, woodwinds, drums, and electric instruments. Coverage may vary so discuss your needs with your insurance.

Homeowners Insurance Can Protect Your Musical Isntruments

Are You &
Your Home Insured?

It is important to insure your home and items in the event of damage or loss due to events like fire, theft, vandalism, or severe weather. This ensures your financial loss can be replaced.

Understanding Homeowners Insurance For Musical Instruments

Homeowners Insurance

When you get homeowners insurance, your home and personal items will be covered. Be sure to provide your insurance with an appraisal for your guitars so their valuation is accurate.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Homeowners insurance covers damage or loss to your home and personal belongings, including your vintage guitar or guitar collection!

FAQs About Our Guitar Appraisal Services

Yes! At Joe’s Vintage Guitars, we guarantee our appraisals so that if your insurance company doesn’t accept it, you will get your money back. Because the appraisals we provide are professional and come with documentation, it is rare that a company will decline the appraisal.
Insurance regulations impact valuation by influencing the level of coverage required and the documentation needed to substantiate a claim in the event of loss or damage. To comply with insurance regulations, obtain an appraisal from Joe’s Vintage Guitars and maintain detailed records of your collection.

When it comes to payment options for the appraisal of your vintage guitar collection, you can pay by credit card or cash if I meet with you in person. It is $89 for an appraisal of 1-3 guitars. If you have a larger collection, contact me for a quote or for more information about how to pay for your appraisal.

A guitar collection should typically be re-appraised for insurance coverage every 2-5 years. However, contact Joe who will help you determine if an appraisal should come sooner based on market fluctuations and any additions or improvements you make to your collection.
Joe and other appraisal experts determine price through a meticulous assessment that considers factors such as the guitar’s make, model, age, condition, rarity, historical significance, and current market demand. They rely on their extensive knowledge and experience to ensure accurate valuation!

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