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When dealing with collectible and vintage guitars that fetch premium prices in today’s marketplace, a knowledge of the market and what makes high-profile buyers tick can make a difference of thousands of dollars. That’s why I’ve made an investment in professional photography equipment, measuring and authentication equipment, and knowledge of vintage guitar terminology to impress potential buyers.​ Additionally, when Joe’s Vintage Guitars consigns a premium vintage instrument, we produce a top-notch demo video that showcases the guitar at its best, in the hands of a talented player.

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Vintage Guitars Consignment Explained

What Is Vintage Guitar Consignment?

Vintage guitar consignment is a process where individuals can sell their vintage guitars through a trusted intermediary, reaching a broader audience and potentially fetching higher prices

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Advantages Of Consigning Your Vintage Guitar

Maximize Selling Price

Benefit from the marketing and authentication experience we have and get a higher sale price for your guitar.

Access A Global Market

We advertise, ship and insure worldwide. Let use bring your instruments into a market that will pay more!

Expert Marketing & Promotion

We will spare no expense in marketing your instruments. Get your guitar to a wider audience with Joe’s Vintage Guitars.

Less Hassle For Sellers

Let us take the burden off selling off of your shoulders. Use our hassle-free and flexible consignment process and spend more of your time on what you REALLY want to be doing.

How The Consignment Process Works

Submit Your Guitar

Contact Joe’s Vintage Guitars and send us photos and descriptions of your guitar or guitar collection.

Assessment & Valuation

We will discuss what you hope to get for your instruments as well as our own valueation based on market factors and sales history.

Marketing & Promotion

We will spare no expense to market your guitars to our network of buyers and collectors as well as to musicians and collectors all over the world.

Sale & Payment

We fully insure and ship the instrument to the buyer and pay you via wire transfer, cash, check or electronic transfer.

Accoustic Guitar Consignment Process
Gibson Les Paul SG Custom Reissue 1991 Ivory

Tips For A Successful Consignment

Maintain Guitar’s Condition

The better the condition of your guitar, the better the sell price. Make sure to keep your instruments clean, humidified and in good working order.

Document Provenance & History

Purchase receipts, manufacturer paperwork, photos of the original owner, interesting stories and accessories that go with the guitar can all add a significant amount to the sell price of your guitar.

Work With A Reputable Consignment Service

Use an established consignment service that you trust. Look for reviews and testimonials for the shop you are consigning with. Make sure their current listings look professional and effective.

Be Prepared For Negotiation

Remember that pricing can fluctuate and that values for instruments are not always cut and dry. You will have a better consignment experience if you are ready to negotiate within reason and work with potential buyers on price.

What Drives Top Dollar Sales For Vintage Guitars?

Getting top dollar for you guitar almost always means listing online. Buyers who pay top dollar expect very specific and informative listings, accurate descriptions of minute but important details, and professional photos. Customers of mine who used my consignment services ended up with more for their guitar than they could have gotten themselves. I have a network of serious guitar collectors, as well as the necessary experience to get top dollar for your vintage guitar. If you would like to consign your vintage instrument, please contact me!
(602) 900-6635 or

Professional Photos

Excellent photography goes a long way for the discriminating buyer. Anybody willing to pay top dollar for an instrument needs to know that it is being accurately represented with top notch photos. Additionally, stunning photos make an impression right away on potential buyers. We pride ourselves on taking photos that are both an accurate representation of what is being sold, and stunning artistic photographs that are eye-catching and compelling. As our photography has improved, we have noticed our sales numbers improve. We feel that we are currently taking the best photographs we ever have and that they stand shoulder to shoulder with anybody’s photos out there!

Acoustic Guitar
Joe's Vintage Guitar Has A Decade-Long Track Record Authenticating Guitars

Reputation For Authentication

When buying vintage, the details are everything! To use an extreme example for the sake of illustrating this concept, there are vintage instruments out there that are worth $100,000+ if they are all original, but only around $13,000 if they are refinished! As you can reasonably conclude, any buyer of expensive vintage guitars is going to be on high alert for undisclosed issues or details that could affect the value of such instruments. Being a seller with a reputation for selling high-dollar instruments and authenticating them accurately is practically a requirement to get top dollar for high-end vintage instruments in today’s market. Joe’s Vintage Guitars has a decade-long track record for selling excellent instruments and is known for honest and accurate authentications of high-dollar vintage instruments.

Sales Knowledge & Infrastructure

Just like selling hamburgers is harder to do from your house than from a McDonald’s, selling a high-dollar guitar is easier from a guitar shop than from your undoubtedly lovely home. We say this not necessarily because of your physical location, but rather because of the sales infrastructure at your disposal. Joe’s Vintage Guitars not only has a popular online shop but is a top-rated seller on all of the major instrument sales platforms such as Additionally, we are set up to accurately photograph, authenticate, describe, package, ship, and insure the instruments we consign! We also create top-notch videos demonstrating each top-tier vintage guitar consignment that comes into the shop. Oftentimes, the best way to sell a guitar is to put it in the hands of a talented player, and that’s exactly what we do!

Vintage Guitars Consignment

Why Choose Joe’s Vintage Guitars For Your Vintage Guitar Consignment?

In addition to what you’ve already read, here are just a few more reasons to consign with us.

Competitive Consignment Fees

Get The Most For Your Vintage Guitar With Our Competitive Consignment Fees

At Joe’s Vintage Guitars, we know that you have plenty of options when it comes to consigning your vintage instrument. That’s why we have put competitive consignment policies in place that you will love! Our consignment fee can be as low as 8% for top tier vintage instruments! We have no hidden or extra fees no matter where the instrument sells. No servicing fees or online sales fees ever!

Unmatched Flexibility In Consignment Policies

Unmatched Flexibility In Consignment Policies At Joe’s Vintage Guitars

We offer robust flexibility in our consignment process including remote consignment options, no minimum consignment period, and open lines of communication with owner Joe Dampt at any time! Rest assured that you will never be left wondering about your instrument. Communication with our customers is an utmost priority for us.

Extensive Network Of Collectors And Buyers

Our Extensive Network Of Passionate Collectors & Buyers

Throughout years of selling, playing and loving guitars, we have met many passionate collectors and guitar aficionados who keep us in the loop regarding what instruments they are looking for. There is a chance that we may have an immediate buyer for your instrument! Our connections throughout the guitar collector community gives us yet another avenue through which to market your instrument!

Customer Service And Friendly Support

Exceptional Customer Service & Friendly Support

Joe’s Vintage Guitars strives to treat you with the utmost respect. We are convinced that if you are a fan of guitars, you will be a fan of us! We will always endeavor to make your experience as pleasant and seamless as possible. We will always be here to answer your questions and tend to your concerns.

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