Consign Your Vintage Guitar

When dealing with collectible guitars that fetch premium prices in today’s marketplace, a knowledge of the market and what makes high profile buyers tick can make a difference of thousands of dollars. That’s why I’ve made an investment in professional photography equipment, measuring and authentication equipment, and knowledge of vintage guitar terminology to impress potential buyers.​

Consign Your Vintage Guitar

Getting Top Dollar Isn’t Always Easy

Getting top dollar for you guitar almost always means listing online. Buyers who pay top dollar expect very specific and informative listings, accurate descriptions of minute but important details, and professional photos. Customers of mine who used my consignment services ended up with more for their guitar than they could have gotten themselves. I have a network of serious guitar collectors, as well as the necessary experience to get top dollar for your vintage guitar. If you would like to consign your vintage instrument, please contact me! (602) 900-6635 or

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