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I am a huge fan and avid collector of early Fender guitars/basses and am always a cash buyer for vintage Fender Telecasters, Stratocasters, Jazzmasters, Jaguars, Mustangs, and more! If you’re looking for someone to buy your Fender guitar, you’ve come to the right place! I will make you a fair cash offer for your treasured instrument, and will treasure and play it, or make sure that it goes to someone who will. For accurate appraisal services to determine what your Fender guitar is worth, you’re in expert hands. If you have a vintage Fender guitar you’d like to sell, please call or text me at (602) 900 6635 or email me at

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    Meet Classic Fender Guitar Specialist, Joe Dampt

    Hello! I’m Joe & I want to hear about your vintage Fender guitar! The stories, the history, and of course, the music! I pride myself in preserving history, one guitar at a time. That’s why I make it a point to treat each instrument I buy with the respect it deserves. Call us at (602) 900 6635 or email for your free professional evaluation and get top dollar for your vintage Fender guitar or bass today!

    How To Sell Your Vintage
    Fender Guitar

    I am constantly traveling as part of my business and I buy guitars all over the U.S. I can likely arrange to see your Fender guitar in person. If meeting to pick up the guitar is not possible, I can arrange and pay for a professional prepaid packing and shipping service. Our safe and simple buying process allows you to get paid for your guitar right away, without having to worry about packaging, shipping liabilities, or lost packages. Contact us or visit our homepage for more information about selling your vintage guitar.

    Vintage Fender Stratocaster Guitar
    Vintage 1968 Blond Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar

    How Much Is My Fender
    Guitar Worth?

    The burning question for anyone trying to sell a collectible guitar: “What is it worth?” Joe’s Vintage Guitars offers free vintage guitar appraisals for anyone willing to send us a few photos of their guitar! Our appraisals are fast and accurate and there is never any obligation to sell. On top of our free appraisals, we have lots of free guitar dating articles that can help you research the year and value of your guitar yourself. Use our handy Fender Serial Number Guide to take your first step into discovering the year and value of your guitar.

    What Is the Best Way To Sell
    A Classic Fender Guitar?

    It is important to understand the pros and cons of selling your guitar yourself versus selling to a collector or dealer. Both options can be an effective and rewarding experience for a prospective seller.

    While selling a guitar yourself can be a rewarding experience, it is not recommended for first time sellers of high end ($4000 & up) vintage instruments. There is a lot of liability involved in the selling and shipping of expensive vintage instruments. Most guitar dealers keep an insurance policy active of over $100,000 just for their shipments! If you do want to sell your guitar on the private market, we recommend as they have a robust shipping protection policy. It is important to factor the selling fees that Reverb will be charging you. Also, bear in mind that in the event of a dispute, Reverb and other selling platforms will almost always side with the buyer.

    Vintage 1964 Fender Telecaster Solid Body Electric Guitar

    My Guitar Buying Process

    Accurate Identification of The Guitar Brand and Model

    Accurate Identification

    My years of experience will allow me to accurately date and identify your guitar. I’m always happy to geek out over a guitar and explain to the owner when it was made, what makes it special, and what it is worth.

    Ensure Your Vintage Fender Guitar Finds a Devoted New Home

    A Caring Home
    For Your Cherished Guitar

    I’ve purchased many family heirlooms and prized guitars that simply were not being used or played. My guarantee is that the guitar you sell me will go on to do exactly what it was meant to do: be cared for, cherished, and PLAYED!

    Competitive Cash Offer at Fair Market Valuation for Your Vintage Fender Guitar

    Fair Cash Offer

    I’m always ready to pay top dollar for great quality vintage instruments. I strive to be the top vintage guitar buyer around, and so my cash offers on collectible vintage Fenders are the highest around. If you want to sell your Fender guitar, please, don’t hesitate to contact me!

    Our Clients’ Testimonials

    Joe came to my home and helped me with an appraisal. Instead of just giving me a number, he helped me understand why my guitar had the value that it had. Super helpful. Thanks!

    Marge T. ★★★★★

    Joe was very kind to me and made sure I understood everything about my brother’s guitar collection. He paid me more than 4 other guitar shops offered. He surprised us by singing one of my brother’s favorite old songs while playing his old guitar.

    Nancy W. ★★★★★

    Friendly, responded quickly, prices seem to be best around. Best of all a set up means you get a setup, not just a big box guitar retail shop raising your action and saying the buzz is gone. Solved an immediate problem I had with a LP kit build where one PUP and the middle did not work. Solved on spot in 15 mins. Completed set up in two days. Now I have the weekend to play with my new creation. Will definitely be back again!!”

    Chirs T. ★★★★★

    Discover the Real Value of Your Fender Stratocaster at Joe’s Vintage Guitars

    Consider Selling Your Vintage Guitar To Joe’s Vintage Guitars

    I have a profound passion for these remarkable instruments, and my goal is to ensure they continue to be cherished. I either play them myself or make sure they find their way into the hands of individuals who will care for them just as I do. The stories that accompany these guitars are immensely precious to me. When I acquire a guitar, what I cherish most is often a photograph of its original owner or stories about their life. I take the time to type up these stories, print them out, neatly fold them, and place them into the guitar’s case. I want these incredible musicians from another era to live on through their instruments.

    Vintage 1966 Apple Red Fender Stratocaster Solid Body Electric Guitar

    I’m Currently Paying Top Dollar for These Vintage Fender Guitars

    Vintage 1971 Olympic White Fender Stratocaster Blond Electric Guitar

    Fender Stratocaster

    Vintage 1968 Blonde Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar

    Fender Telecaster

    Vintage 1966 Charcoal Frost Fender Jazzmaster Electric Guitar

    Fender Jazzmaster

    Vintage 1975 Sunburst Fender Precision Bass

    Fender Precision Bass

    Vintage 1965 3-Tone Sunburst Fender Jaguar L-Series Electric Guitar

    Fender Jaguar

    1972 Fender Mustang Competition Electric Guitar Blue with Green Stripe

    Fender Mustang

    1979 Fender Jazz Bass Electric Guitar - Natural Finish

    Fender Jazz Bass

    FAQs About Vintage Fender Guitars

    The most crucial factors in determining the value include condition, rarity, originality, and provenance. At Joe’s Vintage Guitars, we assess each guitar meticulously to ensure an accurate valuation based on these key aspects.
    Essential documentation includes original purchase receipts, maintenance records, and provenance documents. At Joe’s Vintage Guitars, we emphasize the importance of these papers to authenticate and appraise your vintage Fender guitar accurately.
    Yes, models like the Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster from the ’50s and ’60s are highly sought after. At Joe’s Vintage Guitars, we specialize in collecting, buying, and appraising these iconic models for enthusiasts and collectors alike.
    Yes, there is a difference in value. Vintage Stratocasters and Telecasters can vary based on factors like age, condition, and rarity. At Joe’s Vintage Guitars, we provide detailed appraisals to reflect these differences accurately.

    Look for an appraiser with expertise in vintage Fender guitars, a strong reputation, and credible references. At Joe’s Vintage Guitars, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience and trusted valuations in the vintage guitar market.

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