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It’s true! I buy entire collections of musical instruments. I have a huge trailer and over $1 million in liquid cash ready to buy entire collections. I can save you a ton of time and hassle by simply making a bulk offer on your entire collection. I will make you the best cash offer for your vintage Guitars, Basses, Amplifiers, Mandolins, Banjos, etc. If you have a guitar collection you’d like to sell, please call or text me at (602) 900 6635 or email me at

I am constantly travelling as part of my business and I buy guitars all over the U.S. I can come make an offer on your collection no matter where in the U.S. you are located. I have purchased guitars from California to New York.

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I Buy & Appraise Vintage Guitar Collections Online Or In Person

I am deeply passionate about beautiful vintage instruments, whether I keep them to play or pass them along to another passionate individual. I believe each guitar tells an incredibly unique story, so when I appraise your guitar, I want to hear its background, see a picture of the original owner, or hear stories about the guitar’s experiences. For top-rated guitar appraisals, please email us at

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Sell An Electric Or Acoustic
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I have been through years of trial and error associated with buying and selling electric or acoustic guitars, and can usually tell within minutes what your guitar collection is truly worth.

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Ready to sell your classic and vintage guitar collection? I’m eager to connect via my online shop. List your guitars today, and we can chat by phone or meet in person. Let me be the proud new owner of your cherished instruments.

Many Years Of Experience
Years Of Experience Buying And Selling Guitar Collections Nationwide

Years Of Experience
Buying & Selling Guitars Throughout The States

Take advantage of my passion, knowledge, and decades of experience with new and vintage guitars, and let me make the sale process easy and risk-free for you.

Our Clients’ Testimonials

Guitar Collection Resale Expert With 5-Star Rated Reviews

Joe came to my home and helped me with an appraisal. Instead of just giving me a number, he helped me understand why my guitar had the value that it had. Super helpful. Thanks!

Marge T. ★★★★★

Joe was very kind to me and made sure I understood everything about my brother’s guitar collection. He paid me more than 4 other guitar shops offered. He surprised us by singing one of my brother’s favorite old songs while playing his old guitar.

Nancy W. ★★★★★

Friendly, responded quickly, prices seem to be best around. Best of all a set up means you get a setup, not just a big box guitar retail shop raising your action and saying the buzz is gone. Solved an immediate problem I had with a LP kit build where one PUP and the middle did not work. Solved on spot in 15 mins. Completed set up in two days. Now I have the weekend to play with my new creation. Will definitely be back again!!”

Chirs T. ★★★★★

Inherited A Guitar Collection And Need To Get It Appraised & Sell It?

We Buy Vintage Acoustic & Electric Guitar Collections In Any State

If you have become the proud new owner of a guitar collection but have no clue what it is worth or where to even begin appraising it, I can help! I travel to you no matter your location in the United States for in-person guitar appraisals, or can schedule an online meetup instead.

It is always my goal to make sure you understand the worth of the guitar in your possession. I will never shortcut you or make up false information. My passion for beautiful, vintage guitars drives everything I do. If you’re interested in a free appraisal for your vintage guitar, please email us at or text us at 602-900-6635.

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Not only do I appraise guitars of all types and purchase them, but I have a massive collection for resale as well. View my online guitar shop with the button below, and browse through a variety of vintage and new guitars, from Gretsch, Guild, Gibson, Martin, and Rickenbacker, to amplifiers and other accessories. I am always happy to answer your questions and provide additional information you don’t see online! Visit our store to see our guitar collection. Happy browsing!

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Meet Vintage Guitar Expert, Joe Dampt

Professional Buyer and Seasoned Collector of Vintage Guitars

Hey there! My name is Joe Dampt and I love old music and old guitars!

​I fell in love with the guitar as a youngster while listening to old music from the 50s and 60s. From then on, music has been my life, and I’ve sacrificed and worked hard to make music and musical instruments my livelihood. I love old guitars and musical instruments, but I love the MUSIC even more. I believe that guitars don’t do us any good if they just sit in a case. These beauties are meant to be played!

​I’ve performed in many local bands and my favorite styles to play are classic country/western music, swing & dance music, and classic rock & roll.

FAQs About Our Guitar Collection Resale Services

When you bring your guitar in for appraisal, I will inspect your guitar carefully. Its make and model, the age, condition, and any unique features the guitar has will be considered as I determine its value. You will receive a written appraisal detailing my assessment and findings, along with the determined value of your guitar so you can make an informed decision for moving forward with keeping or selling it.
When you visit Joe’s Vintage Guitar for an appraisal and assessment, I do everything I can to make the process quick, painless, and risk-free for you. I share as much information as I can without overwhelming you, and take my time understanding the guitar’s history and sentimental value to you personally. If you are ready to sell it, the actual process is relatively quick and simple.
When I purchase your guitar, all expected fees and information are up front. I will never surprise you with hidden shipping fees or unexpected taxes, because I want the process to be painless and easy for you. We will take the utmost care as we package and ship your vintage guitar to my inventory. Feel free to text or call me for more details about the shipping process!
Consignment comes with a few risks, but depending on your guitar I am willing to offer the opportunity to you. I want you to have a guitar that you love, so if you are interested in trading your guitar for one from my inventory, let’s talk! I am flexible and ready to work with you to ensure a fair trade experience for all involved.
I love guitars and want you to love yours too! If you purchase a guitar from my inventory and feel there was missing information, or you are simply unhappy with your purchase, please reach out to me! I will do everything possible to make it right for you.

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