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Are You Looking For An Appraisal Of Your Rare, Vintage, Or Antique Guitar?

Are you the proud owner of a rare, vintage, or antique guitar? Do you often wonder about its true worth? Look no further! I’m here to provide you with accurate and reliable appraisal services you can trust.

With years of experience, I have mastered the art of valuing vintage instruments, giving them the recognition they deserve. My expertise ensures you get a true market value, so you can say goodbye to the uncertainty of selling your prized possession for far less than it’s worth.

But that’s not all! I don’t just appraise vintage guitars; I also buy them! If you’re looking to sell, I offer top-dollar prices for Fender, Gibson, Martin, Guild, Rickenbacker, and other vintage instruments, and I always make sure the process is easy and risk-free.

Let me help you uncover the true worth of your vintage gem! Contact us today for a NO OBLIGATION consultation and embark on a journey to rediscover the beauty and value of your vintage or antique guitar. Don’t let it collect dust; let it play once more!

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Expert Evaluations for All Types of Guitars: Acoustic, Electric, Bass, and More

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    I Provide Free Vintage Guitar Values

    Helping you with guitar prices, mandolin prices, banjo prices, and all other fretted instruments.

    Are you trying to find the value of your vintage guitar? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve been through the many hours of research and the trial and error associated with collecting and buying vintage guitars. Most of the time, it only takes me a few moments to determine the value of a collectible vintage guitar. If you need help appraising your vintage instrument, I’m more than happy to help you with a FREE instrument appraisal. Email or text me photos of your instrument or bring it to me in person and I will provide you with an accurate valuation free of charge!

    Free Guitar Appraisal Quick & Easy Guitar Price Evaluation

    Get The Most Accurate Valuation For Your Vintage Guitar

    Expertise in Assessing Vintage, Rare, Or Collectible Guitars

    I focus on delivering precise and thorough appraisals for these distinctive instruments. Whether you own a classic Fender, a rare Gibson, or a cherished antique acoustic, I’m here to assist you in discovering their genuine value.


    Helping Sellers Obtain Fair Appraisals For Their Pre-Owned Instruments

    I understand that saying goodbye to a beloved instrument can be difficult, so I’m dedicated to assisting sellers in obtaining equitable and transparent evaluations for their used guitars. I evaluate your guitar with the highest level of diligence and expertise.

    Guitar Appraisals For Homeowners Insurance, Personal Property Insurance, Renters Insurance

    If your insurance company requires an assessment of your musical instruments, look no further! Joe’s Vintage Guitars offers the fastest and most affordable services on the market. While we provide free appraisals for vintage instruments, our formal appraisal papers for insurance purposes are just $89. This fee covers up to four guitars, with discounts available for additional instruments. We collaborate with every major insurance company and guarantee that our evaluations will satisfy your policy requirements, or your money back! Reach out today for your quick and easy insurance evaluation.

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    Our Experience As Appraisers

    Meet Vintage Guitar Expert, Joe Dampt

    Owner Joe Dampt has been collecting vintage instruments for over a decade and has bought and sold thousands of vintage guitars, mandolins, banjos, and other stringed instruments. He has also worked as a vintage guitar appraiser and consultant for many local antique and collectible businesses including “America’s Top Buyer” a traveling antique show outfit. Joe has appraised many substantial six and seven figure musical instrument collections.

    I Appraise & Collect Vintage Guitars:

    Vintage & Relic Bass Guitars

    We Repair, Restore, Buy And Sell Vintage & Relic Bass Guitars

    High-Value Vintage
    Electric Guitars

    We Repair, Restore, Buy And Sell High Value Vintage Electric Guitars

    Custom, Collectible & Vintage
    Acoustic Guitars

    We Repair, Restore, Buy And Sell Custom, Collectible & Vintage Acoustic Guitars

    Handmade Classical

    We Repair, Restore, Buy And Sell Handmade Classical Guitars

    Vintage Resonators &
    Twelve String Guitars

    We Repair, Restore, Buy And Sell High End Banjos, Ukuleles & Mandolins

    High-End Banjos,
    Ukuleles & Mandolins

    Specialty Services & Valuations For Private Guitar Collections & Brokers Of Stringed Musical Instruments

    Vintage Guitar Appraisal Services. Free Appraisals.

    We Appraise Any Vintage Guitar Brand Including

    Fender, Gibson, Martin, Guild, Rickenbacker, and other guitars, basses and amplifiers! I pay top dollars for vintage instruments and I make the process easy and risk-free for you. I hope to hear from you soon and can’t wait to see what treasures from days gone by you have for me to see!

    We Buy Vintage Fender Guitars

    Classic Fender Vintage Guitars

    Vintage Gibson Guitars

    Timeless Gibson Vintage Guitars

    Martin Acoustic Guitars

    Martin Vintage Acoustic Guitars

    Vintage Guild & Taylor Guitars

    Historic Guild Vintage Guitars

    60’s & 70’s Rickenbacker Guitars

    Iconic 1950s, 1960s & 1970s Rickenbacker Guitars

    Antique Custom Guitars

    Exceptional Custom Vintage Guitars

    Best-Rated Vintage Guitar Appraisal Service & Online Resource

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    • A Worldwide Online Hub For Musicians Passionate About Guitar Appraisals

    • Buying & Appraising Guitars Online With No In-Person Transactions Necessary

    Hear From Our Valued Clients

    Joe came to my home and helped me with an appraisal. Instead of just giving me a number, he helped me understand why my guitar had the value that it had. Super helpful. Thanks!

    Marge T. ★★★★★

    Joe was very kind to me and made sure I understood everything about my brother’s guitar collection. He paid me more than 4 other guitar shops offered. He surprised us by singing one of my brother’s favorite old songs while playing his old guitar.

    Nancy W. ★★★★★

    Friendly, responded quickly, prices seem to be best around. Best of all a set up means you get a setup, not just a big box guitar retail shop raising your action and saying the buzz is gone. Solved an immediate problem I had with a LP kit build where one PUP and the middle did not work. Solved on spot in 15 mins. Completed set up in two days. Now I have the weekend to play with my new creation. Will definitely be back again!!”

    Chirs T. ★★★★★

    FAQs About Our Guitar Appraisal Services

    The appraisal process takes into account various factors, including the guitar’s make, model, age, condition, rarity, provenance, and current market demand. This process can be tricky, so feel free to contact me for a FREE appraisal. 

    Absolutely! I offer appraisal services suitable for insurance coverage or trade negotiations. I offer the fastest and most affordable appraisals on the market, so I can offer you a trustworthy and accurate valuation to safeguard your investment.

    You’ll receive a detailed written appraisal report, which includes the estimated value of your vintage guitar. This document can be used for insurance, selling, or personal reference.

    Generally, there are no shipping costs involved in our appraisal services, but if we can’t meet up for the appraisal, I can arrange a professional, prepaid packing and shipping service.

    I employ a combination of the make and model of the guitar, its age, condition, historical data, and my deep knowledge of vintage instruments to determine an accurate appraisal value for your guitar.

    Appraisal can often provide insights into a guitar’s age based on its make, model, serial number, and other identifying features. I’ll help you uncover the approximate age of your instrument! 

    We appraise a wide range of guitar brands, including Fender, Gibson, Martin, Guild, Rickenbacker, and many others. Feel free to reach out with your specific brand and model.

    The value of guitars can vary based on factors like condition, provenance, and rarity. With my help, I can assess your guitar’s unique attributes to determine its true market value and help you understand the pricing differences.

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