1941 Martin 0-15 Tortoise Headstock Overlay


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This is one of those guitars that just took my breath away when the grandson of the original owner brought it in and I opened up the case! The perfect medium honey brown mahogany, the absence of any cracks, the beautifully preserved finish, and the cherry on top: the amazing rare tortoise headstock overlay! This guitar is an absolute GEM! It doesn’t appear to have been played a whole lot as the original frets remain in fantastic condition. The guitar itself is completely crack free and has no issues whatsoever in terms of bracing, structural stability, bridge or anything! The only thing I had done was get a professional neck reset (which my luthier absolutely knocked out of the park. The original saddle did not even have to be touched to achieve perfect action.) This guitar is just super duper clean for its age! It does have some light dings and wear but is overall one of the cleanest martins from this era we’ve had in in a long time. The guitar comes with the original case, rope strap and some religious sheet music that was in the case.

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