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    The Legacy Of CF Martin & Co.: Pioneers Of The Dreadnought Guitar

    CF Martin & Co. is an American stringed instrument company that pioneered innovations in steel stringed flat-top acoustic guitars throughout the 20s, 30s, and 40s. One of their most groundbreaking and influential contributions was their invention of the dreadnought guitar in 1916. In the following decades, Martin would refine the dreadnought guitar and go on to produce instruments that are now considered the holy grail of vintage acoustic guitars.
    If you have a vintage Martin dreadnought guitar and you are wondering what it is worth, you’ve come to the right place! Below is a comprehensive Martin dreadnought identification and value guide for Martin’s most prized and collectible D-18, D-28, and D-45 models. If you would like a free professional evaluation, feel free to contact me at (602) 900-6635 or at . Please note this guide is only for Martin Dreadnought guitars made between 1916 and 1969.

    Martin Dreadnought Guitar With Authenticity Documents

    Finding The Year & Model Of Your Vintage Martin Guitar

    The first step in ascertaining the value of your vintage Martin guitar is finding the model and year of your guitar. On all vintage Martin instruments, the model and serial number are stamped into the neck block, which can be seen by looking inside the soundhole up towards where the neck meets the body. You may need a flashlight to see it clearly.
    The model name is exactly what you read on the neck block. In the case of the photo above, this is a D-28 model. As for the serial number, well, you will have to do a quick and easy lookup using our Martin Serial Number Guide to find out what year your guitar was made. Luckily, Martin kept very good records of their sequential serial number system so finding the year of your guitar by using this number is super easy and 100% accurate.

    Finding The Year And Model Of Your Vintage Martin Dreadnought Guitar
    The Model And Year Of Your Martin D-28 Dreadnought Guitar Affects Its Value

    How Does The Model & Year Of My Martin Guitar Affect Its Value?

    Now that you have the model and year of your Martin dreadnought, you are ready to start figuring out its’ value! As always, we are happy to help you with our free professional appraisal. Feel free to contact me at (602) 900-6635 or at .
    Generally, the older your guitar is, the more it will be worth. In the case of Martin dreadnoughts, pre-war (pre-1944) guitars are the most desirable. Guitars made after 1944 are less desirable than pre-war instruments and guitars from the 50s and 60s generally are worth less and less the later they are manufactured.
    As far as models go, the Martin D-45 is generally the most expensive followed by the D-28 and D-18.

    What Are Some Other Factors That Will Affect The Value Of A Martin Guitar

    Condition: The condition of your Martin Dreadnought will make a huge difference in its value. Guitars that are crack-free and devoid of any repairs sell for much more than guitars that have cracks, repairs, or modifications. A simple refinish of a Martin guitar, even if done professionally by the Martin factory can devalue a vintage instrument by 50%! On top of cracks and repairs that are apparent to the naked eye, Martin guitars often have issues that are not visible to the naked eye such as the need for a neck reset, loose braces, bridge plate issues, and more. If you would like me to help you find out what condition your guitar is in and what it is worth, feel free to contact me at (602) 900-6635 or at .
    Provenance: If you have a fine Martin guitar, having provenance to go along with it, such as photos of the original owner, receipts, musical recordings, etc. can add significant value to the guitar.

    Back Side Of A Martin Dreadnought Guitar D-28 In Original Case

    Determining The Worth Of Your Martin Dreadnought Guitar

    Now that you have a basic idea of your guitar’s condition and its year and model, you are ready to find out what it is worth! Below are some value ranges for Martin dreadnought guitars from various years. Please note, that these prices are for guitars in excellent condition with their original cases. You may notice that the prices also vary quite widely. This is because there are many factors and small variations over the years that affect the value of these instruments. If you have any further questions about pricing your guitar, please contact me at (602) 900-6635 or at .

    The Worth Of Your Martin Dreadnought Guitar Varies If It Has Scratches Of Dents

    Martin D-45 Guitar Standard Values

    • Pre War D-45s From 1936-1942: $300,000 – $520,000

    • D-45s from 1968-1969: $30,000 – $50,000

    • *D-45 Production Ended In 1942 with No More D-45s Made until 1968.

    Martin D-28 Guitar Standard Values

    • Pre War D-28s from 1931-1944: $60,000 – $260,000

    • Martin D-28s from 1944-1949: $14,000 – $40,000

    • Martin D-28s from 1950-1959: $10,000 – $16,000

    • Martin D-28s from 1960-1969: $6000 – $11,0000

    Martin D-18 Guitar Standard Values

    • Pre-War D-18s from 1931-1944: $20,000 – $90,000

    • Martin D-18s from 1944-1949: $8000 – $23,000

    • Martin D-18s from 1950-1959: $5000 – $8000

    • Martin D-18s from 1960-1969: $3000 – $6000

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    Best Practices For Selling Your Vintage Martin Dreadnought Guitar

    When selling your vintage Martin Dreadnought guitar, presentation and knowledge are key. Ensure the guitar is in excellent condition; clean it gently and check for necessary repairs. Provide a comprehensive history, including any restorations and the original owners of the instrument. High-quality photographs from multiple angles will showcase its condition and craftsmanship. Use platforms known for vintage instruments to reach knowledgeable buyers. Finally, set a fair, market-driven price based on recent sales of similar models. Accurate and honest descriptions will build trust with potential buyers and help secure a successful sale.

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    Boost Your Sale Profits With Consignment For Your Martin Dreadnought Guitar
    Find The Right Seller Or Collector For Your Martin Dreadnought Guitar

    Selecting The Right Dealer Or Collector For Your Vintage Guitar

    Choosing the right dealer or collector for your vintage guitar is crucial for a satisfactory transaction. Look for a dealer with a strong reputation and expertise in vintage instruments, particularly in the specific brand or model of your guitar. Check for positive reviews and testimonials from previous clients. A knowledgeable dealer will appreciate the true value of your guitar and offer a fair price. Ensure they have a transparent process and offer secure handling and payment options. Opting for a reputable and specialized dealer ensures your prized instrument finds the ideal new home.

    Selling Your Martin Dreadnought Guitar On The Private Market

    Selling your Martin Dreadnought guitar on the private market can be profitable if approached strategically. Determine a competitive price based on market research and the model’s historical value. Create a detailed, honest listing that highlights the guitar’s distinctive features, age, condition, and historical significance. High-quality photographs and an engaging tale might entice serious shoppers. Use social media and guitar forums to broaden your audience. Finally, verify secure payment methods and consider offering a trial period or return policy to boost buyer confidence.

    Sell Your Martin Dreadnought Guitar On The Private Market
    Original Owner Of A Martin D-28 Dreadnought Guitar

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    Joe’s Vintage Guitars offers competitive prices based on extensive knowledge and passion for vintage instruments. Trust me to appreciate the true worth of your vintage Martin Dreadnought guitar and provide a straightforward, honest transaction that honors the legacy of your cherished instrument.

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