1930s Rickenbacher Electro Spanish Vibrola


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Here’s one you don’t see every day, with only around 90 produced in the late 30s and early 40s. This little beast features a very unique electric motorized vibrato that actually sounds extremely cool and spooky! (See video)

These usually have warped necks and worn out frets, this one has neither! A rare find indeed! It has some slight relief in the neck but plays well up and down the neck with nice playable action, this is rare as the guitar has no truss rod and is made of bakelite.  The neck tilt adjustment works great. The frets are in amazing shape with very little wear. The vibrato works well and was just serviced, which consisted of cleaning and lubricating the mechanical system, replacing the belt, and reflowing solder joints of the power cord.

The guitar is in very nice cosmetic condition with the exception of some light rusting on the tailpiece, and heavy rusting on the tailpiece cover.

The noble case has done its job of protecting the instrument laudably, but has not remained unscathed in doing so. It is in terrible condition, but will be included with the instrument just for originality’s sake.

Don’t miss out on this very cool and unique piece of rickenbacker history, they VERY rarely come up for sale.


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